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Book your ticket online:

  1. Artmate
  2. Email Centre for Community Cultural


Please attached the following information in the email:  

1) Performance Title
2) Performance Date and Time
3) Type of the ticket: Standard / Discount **
4) Number of ticket
5) Name
6) Email and contact number

+ Confirmation letter will be send after receive your email booking, please follow the guideline for the payment.
+ Ticket will be already after purchase.

Telephone booking and outlet :

Address: L205-208 Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, 30 Pak Tin Street, Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2891 8482 / (852) 2891 8488


Ticketing Information


Ticket Price:


The First Night : Shatin – A Maze of Glass・$70
The Second Night : San Po Kong – La Dolce Vita・$140
The Third Day: Central – Cardboard SAR (Cultural Tour)・$50
The Forth Day: North Point – Sailing・$70
The Fifth Day: Ma Wan – Whisper houses・$120
The Sixth Day: Forum for the Floating City・$70
The Seventh Night: KNOTS (Exercises of Actions)・Redemption tickets



Full Package|$380(until Oct 31)
City Package|$280(1st night+ 2nd night + 3rd day + 6th day)
Harbour Package|$220(4th day + 5th night + 6th day)
+ + Please select your preferable performance date and time while purchasing the package ticket


Discount and Redemption tickets

  • Discount
    (Full-time Students / Senior Citizens Aged 60 or Above / People with Disabilities (30% off)
    * Please note that the offer can not be used in Package ticket or with the second discount offer
  • Each purchase of 3 or more standard tickets (10% off)
    * Offer can only be used in program 1-5
  • With any purchase of program 1 – 6, you can get discount ($20 off)  for “The Sixth Day: Forum for the Floating City”.
  • Redemption tickets
    With any purchase of program 1 – 6, you can get the “Redemption tickets” of  “The Seventh Night: KNOTS (Exercises of Actions)”


More information:

Centre for Community Cultural Development:28918482 / 28918488

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