The First Night : Shatin – A Maze of Glass


Immersive, Site-specific  |

Alice in wonder….. is there any wonderland here?

The modern Alice wondering in her shopping-land, tracing the white rabbit, surrounding with the hidden eyes, crossing numerous mirror,
To reflect the clearness of “Public space” and the lost dream glazing under the glass-made city.

(Main language: Cantonese)
Location:The Snoopy’s World, Shatin (in front of the entrance)
Date and Time:Oct 30 [19:30]  [21:00] / Oct 31, Nov 1 [ 20:30]

Director:Larry NG
Performer:Priscilla LAI, Larry NG


*Please bring alone your earphone to enjoy the audio journey 

How to get there (Shatin New Town Plaza)

Snoopy’s world (3rd level, open area of Shatin New Town Plaza, on the way to Shatin Town Hall):

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