The Second Night : San Po Kong – La Dolce Vita


Drama |

Late night in the tiny local restaurant, the couple are waiting for their room of privacy, it is extravagant to enjoy intimate time in Hong Kong. Aside the couple, the waitress also being wait, waiting for finish work, waiting for his son, waiting to have a better future.
We seems missing the sweetness of living in this long waiting.

(Performed in Cantonese)

Metting point: San Po Kong HKJC Off-course Betting Branch (In front of the entrance)
Date and Time:Oct 30, Nov 6, Nov 12, Nov 13  [21:00]

Director:KiKi NG
Performer:Kenneth TO, Pamela WU, Gladys WONG

Ticket:$140(with a snack and drink)

Detail of the location :
19-21 Shung Ling Street, San Po Kong
Hong Kong Jockey Club Off-course Betting Branch

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