Ngoh (HONG KONG Performance)

This performance, an adaptation from a legendary Thai literature, Sangkh Tong, talks about Ngoh’s desire to really exist, not only as raving and strange looking person but also as a beautiful person hidden behind a mask. When Ngoh is at his wit’s end, he shows himself to the world as a person of equal rights and integrity. He has to find his way to live his life, to prove his love for Rojna, to overcome injustice and discrimination.

《我 Ngoh》
日期: 2012 / 6 / 11 8 pm
場地: 葵青劇院黑盒劇場

主辦:社區文化發展中心 CCCD
演出/製作:油甘子劇團 Makhampom (泰國)

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