Confluence of Rivers Tour: Free Outdoor Performances in Hong Kong

Pearl River, Mekong River, Ganges River, River Nile and River Seine are five of the major rivers in the world, where ancient population, civilizations were born and cultivated.

While wars, exclusion, pollution and injustice are happening across these same areas, the artists dig deep into the history and cultures, to explore the wisdom from the birthplaces, to investigate into the challenges today, and to fuse them into a new alternative to deal with our modern world.

The Confluence of Rivers, incorporating stories, myths and legends and arts around the Rivers, connects, creates and celebrates the river tales of the past, present, future and beyond.

Artists from the Confluence of Rivers will share with the local communities in Hong Kong to share the cultural arts from their own countries. A MUST To EXPERIENCE!

14/ 4/ 2013(Sun)
12:30- Golden Computer Arcade, Shamshuipo
16:30- Outside YuenLongPlaza, Yuen Long

21/ 4/ 2013(Sun)
12:30- In front of the PeakTower, the Peak
16:30- Pedestrian Precinct,Central

27/ 4/ 2013(Sat)
12:30- Star Ferry Pier, Tsim Sha Tsui
16:30- Pedestrian Precinct, Mong Kok

Participating artists:
Faiz Zahir (Aranyak Natyadal | Bangladesh)
Shahidul Mamun (Aranyak Natyadal | Bangladesh)
Pei Jung Lee (University of Auckland | Taiwan/New Zealand)
Preechayut Saechang (Makhampom | Thailand)
Rogers Williams Mpaata (Theatre Factory | Uganda)
Maxime Sechaud (Théâtre de l’Ordinaire | France)
Ng Man Kei (Asian People’s Theatre Festival Society | Hong Kong)
Chung Chi Kit (Asian People’s Theatre Festival Society | Hong Kong)
Kwok Pui Yan (Asian People’s Theatre Festival Society | Hong Kong)
Lai Wing Sze (Asian People’s Theatre Festival Society | Hong Kong)

Project page:

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