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A Journey Wandering Through Corners of City


The First Night : Shatin – A Maze of Glass

Alice in wonder….. is there a still a wonderland?
The modern Alice wondering in her shopping-land, tracing the white rabbit, surrounding with the hidden eyes, crossing numerous mirror,
To reflect the clearness of “Public space” and the lost dream glazing under the glass-made city.


The Second Night : San Po Kong – La Dolce Vita

Late night in the tiny local restaurant, the couple are waiting for their room of privacy, it is extravagant to enjoy intimate time in Hong Kong. Aside the couple, the waitress also being wait, waiting for finish work, waiting for his son, waiting to have a better future.
We seems missing the sweetness of living in this long waiting.


The Third Day: Central – Cardboard SAR

In Sunday the ladies using cardboard to build up a little exotic community in Central, we may know how it’s look in weekdays, but how about Sunday? Do anyone know the address of this pop-up region?


The Forth Day: North Point – Sailing

The floating city experienced a large waves last year, she travel from time to time , from point to line, from start and to end……  Walking in the cycle and searching the pieces of memories, where she met a past year of herself.


The Fifth Day: Ma Wan – Whisper houses

The City  Need To MAKEOVER …
A small old village in the edge of the city, construction is going to start next to their door. Before the memories all gone alway with the sunset, let’s go and pick up some of their stories. The house, the dock, the temple and the sprite are whispering.


The Sixth Day: Forum for the Floating City

Though out the journeys, you may notice there are conflicts hidden between characters. What if they meet each other, living in the same scene?
They are going to make decisions after the journey, do you support them? What would you like to say to them?


The Seventh Night: KNOTS (Exercises of Actions)

Review of the journey, a journey of characters and audience…  Audience? Sure you are audience? You are actually one member of your live scene. Let’s talk, from the aspect of your character, make the knots of connection.


Supported by: Hong Kong Arts Development Council
Hosted by: Centre for Community Cultural Development
Collaborate with: Littlebreath Creative Workshop



Team List

Consultant: Augustine Mok, Yuen Che Hung

Curator Team: Kwok Pui Yan, Chan Kwun Fee, Kiki Ng, Eric Ng, Larry Ng

Producer & Technical Manager: Kwok Pui Yan

Project Co-ordinator: Eric Ng

Texts: Larry Ng, Kiki Ng, Chan Kwun Fee, Ocean Ng

Music (The Forth day): Wong Hin Yan

Creative Performers: Eric Ng, Chan Kwun Fee, Emily Ng, Ocean Ng, Kenneth To, Pamela Wu, Gladys Wong, Priscilla Lai, Larry Ng, Kwok Ka Yuen, Christa Tom

Promotion Design: Ann Kwok